CBES Bike Tour | Cycling Between the Waters

Makeshift bottle holder - CBES Between the Waters Bike Tour

I cycle a lot in Berlin but I’m definitely no bike race material, so when an aunt invited me to participate in the annual Citizens for a Better Eastern Shore (CBES) Between the Waters Bike Tour, I immediately said no.

Perhaps it was hearing the 40-mile number that initially put me off, but the CBES Bike Tour is no race. If you want to channel your competitive spirit and beat personal times, go right ahead. Otherwise, it’s as leisurely as it can get.

CBES is an integral part of the Eastern Shore community, engaging locals through forums, meetings, seminars, among other community events. Between the Waters is their biggest annual event which takes place in October. You can choose to ride for 25, 40, 60 or 100 miles, or if biking’s not your cup of tea, you can eat oysters instead. My family always does the 40-mile ride, which I got to do this year after an aunt backed out at the last minute. Sadly, no oysters.

I’ve only ever visited Cape Charles, so the CBES Bike Tour was a refreshing way to see other towns in the area, as bike routes take riders up and down the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  We lucked out this year with sunny-blue-sky-T-shirt weather, which made for spectacular views along the way.

Lonely mail box on a lonely road

An unmissable farm with a hot dog stand The lunch spot for 40-milers at Windrush Farm

I’m not sure whether Between the Waters was extra popular this year because it was their 25th anniversary, but tickets were already sold out when I tried to register two weeks ahead. If you’re going to be in the Cape Charles/Eastern Shore area in October 2018, register way in advance – information is already available on the CBES website.


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