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Comfort food to me means fried chicken, mom’s Bicol Express, and spicy beef noodle soup. Fried chicken has been easy to find, particularly in Neukölln where places like Ris A Chicken can fix any serious chicken craving for as little as two euros. Bicol Express, the coconut-milky, spicy pork dish that defined my childhood, unfortunately can’t be found anywhere in Berlin so I’ve learned how to make it myself, even though it’s never turned out as good as my mother’s. Spicy beef noodle soup, on the other hand, is a recipe I won’t be trying anytime soon, thanks to Lon Men’s Noodle House.

I’m a sucker for Taiwanese Küche so it’s a shame that Lon Men’s is a fair trek from my place, or maybe a blessing in disguise for my poor wallet. Don’t be misled by the noodle house label – the restaurant boasts a diverse menu that could tempt even the most clueless of tastebuds.

Lon Men’s Noodle House
Kantstraße 33
10625 Berlin-Charlottenburg
+49 30 31519678


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