How to Learn German | #readgerman

Read German!

This recommendation is a no-brainer but I’m guilty of not following it. Earlier today at lunch, I asked my Russian and Panamanian coworkers – who speak fluent German – how to learn German and what their secret is to get to this level. Turns out there is none, but just a mix of what I already knew: speak it, hear it, write it, read it.

I dwelled on that last bit, reading German. Besides rent contracts and restaurant menus, I almost never seek German literature, so I brewed a simple challenge: to read one German article a day a week. I’ll document words I don’t know (here on the blog and some on @wie_sagt_man), and write an article reaction in German (two birds, one stone). German speakers, please fire away and correct my German any day – you can find all my attempts here.


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