Masaniello – Berlin’s Best Pizza


I never really craved pizza – until Masaniello entered my life.

If you’ve walked along Hasenheide, chances are you’ve passed by Masaniello. Don’t be fooled by its humble exterior: step inside and you’ll find a terrace that will transport you to the Mediterranean, and a cozy, rustic interior that will make you wish you lived there.

It was a summer evening when I crashed a friend’s dinner plans and met a guy from Sardinia, who swore Masaniello’s pizzas were the closest thing to home. At this point, I was convinced and excited and hungry and settled for one of the meatiest things on the menu: salsiccia and grilled eggplant. Little did I know I was ten minutes away from having my best pizza in Berlin.

Salsiccia and grilled eggplant pre-chili oil

While Masaniello is proud of its Neapolitan brick-oven pizza tradition – it even has the S.T.G. label to boot – it also serves a varied menu of antipasti, pasta, meat and fish dishes. I always say I’d try a dish other than pizza everytime I go, but everytime I fail. Why? Because the pizzas are so damn good and there are around 20 to choose from. A good hack when dining with adventurous company is to swap slices. Who could say no to pizza variety?

Before: three lonely pizzas
After: pizza threesome

So, what makes their pizzas special? In a city where pizza is überall, Masaniello wins the dough trophy hands down. If you like yours not-too-doughy yet not-too-crispy, then you’re in for repeated visits. Masaniello also embodies that “less is more” in pizza-making. I used to think that the more toppings on the pizza the better, but Masaniello proves that it only takes a few but fresh, high-quality ingredients to make the perfect pizza, such as simple yet delicious combinations like scharfer salami and parmesan cheese, and gorgonzola and salsiccia. I’m nowhere close to sampling them all, but my favorites so far are the Parmaschinken and artichoke, and the one that got me hooked, salsiccia and grilled eggplant.

At around 8 EUR for a pizza, Masaniello is a steal for the quality, quantity and the authentic Neapolitan ambiance. Service is relatively quick and friendly despite the restaurant’s popularity, and the house wines are affordable and available by the half-liter. Did I mention the pizzas are bomb?

Tip: If you like it hot, ask for the chili oil and embrace the burn.

Ristorante Masaniello
Hasenheide 20
10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg
+49 30 6926657


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